Shubham Chandel

Undergraduate Coursework

Relevant classes I've taken as an undergraduate, organized by subject:
Computer Science (CS)
IC-150 Programming in C/C++
IC-250 Data Structures and Algorithms
CS-201 Computer Organization
CS-307 System Practicum
CS-309 Database Systems
CS-310 Networking and Distributed Processes
CS-310 Operating Systems
CS-403 Algorithm Design and Analysis
CS-546 Design of Concurrent Systems
CS-561 Big Data and Map Reduce
Math/Statistics (MATH/STAT)
IC-110 Engineering Mathematics
IC-110 Calculus
IC-111 Linear Algebra
IC-210 Probability, Statistics and Random Process
CS-208 Discrete Mathematics
Machine Learning (ML)
CS-305 Artificial Intelligence
CS-660 Data Mining for Decision Making
CS-669 Pattern Recognition
CS-7641 Machine Learning
CS-231 Convolutional Neural Networks for Visual Recognition
COMPM050 Advanced Topics in Machine Learning
COMPM050 Reinforcement learning
UD-730 Deep Learning